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5 Laser-Focused Marketing Strategies for Selling an Online Program

I’m so excited about this guide because it’s going to help you so much, no matter what part of the online class process you are currently at, whether it’s just a niggling feeling right now that it’s something you should be doing, or perhaps you are regularly being asked by your current students ‘when can I buy your yoga class online?’ or perhaps you’ve already filmed some classes and understand how you’re going to package them up but still could use some help with your marketing. Selling your classes and sharing your unique yoga really is the best thing you can do for your business and I’m delighted to be able to help.


Though I’m not going to sugarcoat the process. Once your classes are filmed and hosted and your course or membership is packaged up, there is some real work involved in consistently driving potential students to your sales page.

When you’re teaching classes in the day and throughout the evening, you really don’t have time to waste on anything other than strategy and focus. You must be completely intentional when you get that laptop out.

This guide is here to help you do just that.

No more sitting at your laptop with your head in your hands feeling completely overwhelmed. In this guide I break down all the things that you need to do consistently, to grow traffic on your website, your social media sites and most importantly, your sales page.  

But let’s start from the beginning, with the question that I first get asked when people know what I do for a living and they have something amazing to offer the world.


First of all, let’s begin by acknowledging how lucky you are to have an amazing skill and passion that you can share with the world. The fact that you trained in something that you love and became an expert in is so admirable and impressive. The best part is that the hard work is done. You know how to teach yoga, you no doubt do it all the time, in the studio, local gym or in your home. The next step is simply to film your classes and get them online for the world to see (and purchase).

The first thing to decide on is your business model. Are you going to sell individual online yoga classes, a monthly online yoga membership or an online yoga program?

99% of the yoga teachers I work with, come to me because they are already being asked by their present students, how they can purchase their classes online. So they already have some online students lined up before they even begin the process.

In these cases, the first thing I recommend is to get a couple of classes online with a Paypal checkout button next to them so that whilst you create a hub of classes for a monthly online membership, or think about how to package up a comprehensive course with yoga classes, printable weekly schedules, daily affirmations and audio meditations, you have somewhere to direct your current students to whenever they ask and something to mention to your students after an in-person class. It just gives you that extra trickle of a passive income, whilst you are creating the content for your flagship product. By that I mean, your core offering. And do you know what? This little trickle is enough for some teachers.

Others however, get the bug instantly and the realisation that they can have one class or course all packaged up digitally that can be sold many many times without even having to be there, is just too good to ignore.

Another thing to think about from the get go, is your unique offering. If you have a specialism that makes you different from other yoga teachers, no matter what it is, then this will be such a great value proposition. You will have stand-out messages in your marketing and you will be able to target your potential online students so much easier. This could be a restorative element, or a sports related practise. It could even be how you deliver your classes. Do you just talk through the flows or do you teach the WHY as you go so that your students come away really understanding what they have done to their bodies in that class and why they feel so amazing.

Think about what makes your yoga teaching different to others. What is your unique value proposition?

In this How To Sell An Online Program Guide, we’ll go through exactly what to do each week to sell your online yoga classes over and over again so that it gets to the point where your business will run itself just by you dipping in an hour each day.

Let me tell you that when you get the first notification on your phone to tell you that you have made a sale, you will be so pleased that you began this process when you did.

For each of the 5 parts of your new marketing strategy, I am going to take you through..

1] WHY you need to do each thing and WHAT will happen when you do.

2] Exactly HOW to do each thing with tips, tricks, tools and clever marketing know-how.

3] How to do each thing in a relaxed and ENJOYABLE way with no stress or overwhelm.

4] How to set up the TECH so that everything you do keeps the cogs of your business moving forward, even when you’re asleep.


Ok, are you ready?


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