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The money’s in the list!

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Ah! Love it when I can incorporate a good ol’ Snoop Dogg lyric. I mean, he didn’t’ say ‘list’, but he should have. He bloody well should.

If you do one thing this week, then please do one amazing thing for your business and set up a mailing list. I don’t mind where, I personally use Aweber but you could use Mailchimp or Convertkit which are both equally fab. Then, set up your first automated email sequences.

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Why do I need an email list?

If you have built up a big following on social media then you may have rested on your laurels slightly. Posting away here and seeing the followers rise each week may give you a sense that your business is growing. I don’t mean to pee on your grapes here, but these followers are not really yours. Your Instagram followers are owned by Instagram. Should a new social media platform arrive on the scene next month and people flock to it, then you are kinda screwed. You remember MySpace right?

Your email list however is yours. You own it and you are in full control of it. I don’t need to bang on about this, so let’s just get started from the beginning.

Setting up your mailing list

1] Set up your mailing list with Mailchimp, Convertkit or Aweber

These systems all work in a similar way. I am going to show you in Aweber, how to set up a list and a couple of nice email sequences. By email sequences, I mean emails that get sent out automatically after a specific time interval.

Since we are all about earning a passive income and a fab way to do this is by selling a digital product, in this scenario let’s assume that you have created a beaut of a digital product and you want to sell it online while you crack on with your one-on-one client work, or perhaps, give your leisure time a bit more attention. If little kerching bells go off in your head right now, but you wouldn’t have a clue where to start with this, then why not follow our fabulous course ’17 days to create, launch & profit from your first digital product’ where I tell you every single baby click that you need to take to make this amazingness a reality.

But for now, let’s assume that you have a digital product, be it an eBook, a mini course, a blueprint, a password protected area of your website, anything that you can create and sell in the background, without having to do anything except check how many sales you made while you slept!

So in this instance, you are going to..

2] Create three lists. You can create as many lists as you need and the fancier marketers will create many email sequences according to where people are entering their funnel.

In our scenario, I would suggest three lists at this point.

List 1 – Warm Potentials– these are people who have shown that they are keen on your digital product. They have seen your fabulous sales page and have added their email address and clicked through for more details about your product. From this list, some (hopefully a high amount, above the average of 30%) will purchase, but the rest won’t. Those who do not purchase, will remain on the Warm Potentials list. They are warm, but not yet hot.

List 2 – Hot Customers – Once a Warm Potential clicks through to the checkout to purchase your digital product they become a Hot Customer. They will be removed from the Warm Potentials list and automatically be subscribed to the Hot Customer list. Depending on the software you use for your checkout. whether it be a teachable course, or a SamCart checkout, the software will have the functionality in that it will finalise the sale by adding the customer to the Hot Customer list. Integrations between all the leading software companies are so awesome now that it makes everything so simple.

List 3 – Raving Fans – All subscribers will automatically be added to this list. They will all receive your weekly valuable updates and be totally enraptured by your charm and wisdom. Just don’t lose them!

Don’t worry, I will tell you exactly how to set up all the automations, and list sequences in the videos below.

What should I send to my email lists?

Let me help you along the way here. Clever marketing is key. Nowadays, people get way too many emails. They will unsubscribe at the drop of a hat if they don’t feel that they are getting anything from you. So jump right in and give away your gems of wisdom for free. Take your sell sell sell and replace it with give give give. The more value that you give, the more respect you will gain and it’s when the trust and respect thing happens that people will be going mad for your products. Also, once you start producing some really great content for your email subscribers, I’m talking videos, Facebook Lives, big juicy emails, the more confident you will be in your game and the goods will just pour out of you. Honestly, you are fabulous and it’s about time the whole world blimmin well knew it!

Incorporate the following in your sequences.

List 1 – Warm Potentials

Send a 5 or 7 day free email course with a great piece of value each day.

Give valuable ways that your ‘Warm Potential’ could use your product to solve a problem.

After the 5 or 7 days, send another relaxed link about your product with a second chance to purchase.

List 2 – Hot Customers

Days 1 – 10 Free Email Course

Deliver a free email course with some great content that they can’t believe you are giving away for free. But what you’re doing is actually leading them to purchase your next product. Make nonchalant comments throughout the email like ‘in my XX course, I go into way more detail than this, but in this days lesson, I want you just to focus on this’. Your content is also your marketing. Done correctly, you are selling your next product but in a relaxed and helpful way. You’re not flogging them with a selling whip, you’re just planting little business seeds. Be smart. Be cool.

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List 3 – Raving Fans 

Weekly catch up ALWAYS with a nice little downloadable and ALWAYS with a little content upsell.

Setting up the email sequences in Aweber

So you have 3 lists all set up. How do you set these cool little sequences up? I am going to show you below..

Follow the video sequence below and set up your email automations. Set up a simple one which gets triggered when somebody purchases your product, digital or physical and watch your passive income grow or set up a fancier one which steers your customers to purchase more and more.

If you need any help at all with this, please email me and I will be delighted to help you.

Guys you are ready to start sending out automated email sequences which will keep your list lovingly nurtured. If you would like to put the rest of the cogs together then why not try out our 17 day course. At the end of the course you will be able to earn a passive income.

Can you imagine, waking up and grabbing your phone to check how many sales you made while you slept? That would put a spring in your morning step for sure! Well that is exactly what you’ll be doing once you have followed and implemented the 17 steps.

Here’s what you will find in the ’17 days to create, launch & profit from your first digital product’ course:

Day 1 – Deciding on your niche and marketplace

Day 2 – Deciding on and creating your digital product

Day 3 – Print out my free downloadable monthly launch planner and fill in your key dates. This can be used for every digital product that you launch in the future.

Day 4 – Create your mailing list & write and automate your first email sequence

Day 5 – Design your beautiful data capture landing page

Day 6 – Install your landing page on your website and all your social media platforms

Day 7 – Design a product banner to be attached to all emails and newsletters

Day 8 – Write your free deliverable lead magnet

Day 9 – Grow your list using 5 magical methods

Day 10 – ‘Launchify’ your website – make sure people know about your launch the second they land on your site

Day 11 – Write your promotional blog and include your ‘upsell’

Day 12 – Lights, camera, action! Your first Facebook Live

Day 13 – Design a Pinterest infographic for your product

Day 14 – You’re on again! Film your product launch introduction

Day 15 – Create and launch your Facebook ads, without being out of pocket

Day 16 – Test your tech. You are launching baby!

Day 17 – How and when to tweak

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