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Have you set up your own business and want to attract some clients from LinkedIn?

Here are six things you can be getting on with:

1] Use ‘Showcase Pages’ to highlight certain services or products of your brand. Showcase Pages are extensions of your company page, designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit or initiative. Each Showcase Page can have its own messages and audience segments to share with. Look at HP on LinkedIn. They’re not messing about. They know that they have a different consumer base per product so they offer mini HP pages (showcases pages) for the design, developer, software and sales engagement services in their business. They separate their messages by audience really well and offer live events, Q&A’s and good value video. Check out Google’s LinkedIn. They even have a showcase page specifically for HR and another little gem, the Google Small Business showcase page.

2] Fill in your profile with SEO in mind. You want to find 1) potential new business and 2) connections and endorsements so that people can get to know your work ethic and professionalism. In order to attract the first category, you need to think about the keywords that people will be searching for when they need a service such as yours. Make sure your profile is full of intelligent keyword content. Not a big spammy list of keywords which won’t make for an interesting read. Fill out your employment history as best you can as well as your school, college and uni. This way your connections will find you. Maybe don’t add your internship. Nobody needs reminding of you on your first ‘free booze’ party.

3] Hustle for reviews and endorsements. There’s only one way for this and it is to ask. The more endorsements for each speciality, such as marketing, social media etc, the higher up the rankings you will appear for each.

4] Once your profile is perfect, you have your endorsements for each of your speciality, you’re appearing in the searches well and you have testimonials, then you should be confident and proud to approach new business. Don’t do the sales pitch though. No one likes it. Instead, share something of value for free. Do your research. Find out any little holes in a business. Have you seen their really crappy newsletter? Do they have a really corporate sounding social media message even though they are quite a cool brand? Are they not appearing in the rankings for their main keywords simply because their web content is crap? I mean don’t tell them they’re crap but suggest quick fixes that you think will instantly improve their rankings. I’m talking about SEO and Digital Marketing here but you can apply this to your business too.

5] Change your message for LinkedIn. Don’t just churn out your FB or Instagram posts. Think about it and harness the platform for what its purpose intends. The companies that use LinkedIn in the perfect way for example Coca Cola, share completely different messages on LinkedIn; business innovation, jobs, workplace stuff etc.

6] Post regularly. Not every day. Even three times a week will work with LinkedIn. Since it is more of a professional platform, posts from your company LinkedIn Page must be valuable intelligent updates. Not the big sell. Focus on value.

Spend a couple of hours tonight on improving your LinkedIn company or personal page and I guarantee you will have some messages by morning.

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